“chouchou” [shoo-shoo] inf N m  i. pet  ii. special loved one  iii. childish term of endearment

MyChouchou was launched in 2020 by Emma and Adam, who live in Yorkshire with Paso, a retired racing greyhound rehomed by the Greyhound Trust West Yorkshire.

As dog and (former) cat owners ourselves, we’re both keen to celebrate the amazing bond that people have with their pets.

We enjoy using our platform to share inspirational stories and pet care advice with new and experienced pet owners alike.

We’re also on the constant lookout for exciting pet products and pet-friendly establishments to review, and are committed to doing so without bias, so you can feel assured that we only stamp the MyChouchou seal of approval on products or services we genuinely love.


Paso is a retired racing hound who used to compete in the North East as Elpaso City, winning 14 races before his retirement in 2016.

He’s been with us since December of that year, when his rehoming coincided with Christmas and some confusion around whether the Christmas tree in the conservatory meant that the conservatory was actually outdoors.

Once that was cleared up - literally and figuratively - it’s been plain sailing. He’s a beautiful boy who makes us laugh daily and has kept us sane throughout lockdown.

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